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Gretton School are leaping for joy!

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 No Comments

Froglife have been awarded a £19,836 grant from the Postcode Local Trust to develop an unused and publically accessible area of Gretton School’s grounds into a vibrant wildlife area and outdoor classroom.

We will be working with the school to create a network of ponds, providing stepping stone habitats for wildlife and linking to the surrounding countryside. A fire pit, wooded area for den building, natural seating areas for learning and a wooden hut will also be included in the project. Community involvement will be encouraged through wildlife workshops and an open day.

Froglife’s Head of Learning and Communications, Jenny Tse-Leon said “We’re hugely grateful to the Postcode Local Trust for awarding us this grant so that we can create this community resource”

frog in hands lcbAfter a chance meeting Froglife worked with Gretton School to develop plans to improve an overgrown area of land for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Assistant Headteacher, Victoria Howe, explains “Gretton School is a specialist school for children with high functioning autism. The children prefer to learn in a kinaesthetic way and having an outside area which they can have safe access to would motivate and inspire them to embrace the outdoors and to be able to practise invaluable life skills”.

“Leapfrog Girton” was developed from these ideas and aims to support children with additional needs to engage with the environment around them whilst also creating valuable habitats for wildlife and raising awareness among the school and local community about amphibians, reptiles and conservation efforts to protect them.

Froglife will be delivering the year-long project through their Leapfrog Schools Programme which offer schools a range of accessible and inclusive options to help them learn more about amphibians and reptiles.

Jenny Tse-Leon, said “We are delighted to be working with Gretton School on this project and have been impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment”.

You can find out more about our Leapfrog Schools project at

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