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Eastbrookend Country Fair

This was the second year that Froglife had a spot at Eastbrookend Country Fair. The fair looked fantastic, with loads of stalls and marquees showcasing everything from beekeeping to baking! Even with the muddy ground, their was a great turn out for all of the day’s activities, including our frog painting and frog box decorating activities. We decorated our stall with images of native UK amphibians and reptiles, and were on hand all day to share wild and wacky facts about the species we have here in the UK. Whilst the children painted their frogs (not real ones, although some finished frogs looked just like the frogs you’d find in your back garden!) their adults read through our Froglife Natterchat magazines and shared some of their childhood wildlife memories with us. We had over 150 people visit our stall throughout the day, so we were kept busy! Even when the main event of sheep racing was on!

Eastbrookend Country Fair Collage

Figure 1: Talking about the types of amphibians and reptiles we have in the UK, and many concentrating faces as the kids carefully made their frogs camouflaged with different colours!