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Dragon Finder


Victoria Park

On June 2nd, the Dragon Finder team visited ‘The Hub’ in Victoria Park for a ‘Dragon Day’. It was a great day with around 70 people attending, making painted frogs and little homes for them to go home in. The frogs that Alan and Emily created were completely outshone by the artistic talents of the kids and adults who came along, many of whom who painted frogs that looked just like the real native frogs we have in the UK.

Victoria Park Collage 2

Figure 1: One of the many fantastic painted frogs; it’s even shaded like the green frog species we get in the UK!

We were joined in ‘The Hub’ by two volunteers from Victoria Park, and they brought along wildlife masks and insect hotels for the kids to decorate as well! The session was great fun and many of the kids wanted to go out and explore the park to find the wildlife that they had been learning about!

Victoria Park Collage

Figure 2: Many concentrating faces from future froggy artists!