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Dragon Finder


Winsford Gardens

On Saturday 13th August, the London Dragon Finder team spent the afternoon at Winsford Gardens in Bromley. The team organised this community wildlife workshop with Penge Green Gym, and the turn out for the day was fantastic! We had around 25 people joining us for a reptile & amphibian identification talk, a hands-on session where you could design a wildlife-friendly garden, that’s particularly good for our froggy friends, using the tips that they’ve learnt from the ID session. The Green Gym volunteers supplied us with a yummy selection of snacks, including freshly cut watermelon, which was very refreshing whilst we sat on the beautiful volunteer-made wooden benches basking in the sunshine!

Winsford Gardens Collage 1

The younger herpetologists among us proved to have the skills and imagination needed to create some fantastic plans for wildlife gardens, even whilst saving room to grow potatoes for us people to eat!

Winsford Gardens Collage 2

We then went for a walk around the site, finding all the best places to spot possible amphibians and reptiles that may be living in the gardens, including some lovely leaf mulch areas, compost heaps and a little pond in a quiet corner!