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Walgrave Pocket Park

Walgrave Pocket Park can be found just off Kettering Road on the eastern edge of Walgrave village. The site is approximately 1.3 hectares in size and is comprised of a mix of habitats including: woodland, a pond, a stream, and wildflower grassland. The pocket park group have been very active in improving the site for nature conservation and have planted 36 different species of trees and shrubs which attract many bird species. In addition, to this the group have organised a large scale thinning of the woodland at the site to allow more light in through the canopy to allow a better under storey of plants to develop. In the winter of 2012 alone the group inputted over 100 volunteer hours to clearing brash and stacking logs generated through the woodland works. The varied long grasses and wild flowers of the meadow are also a magnet for butterflies and nest boxes have been installed for the many birds which visit the site. The hedgerow along the Kettering Road has been laid and seats have been installed for visitors to enjoy the peace and beauty of the park.


Walgrave Pocket Park Pond Restoration (4)

The pond before the works commenced with much shading and leaf litter.

Walgrave Pocket Park Pond Restoration (57)

The newly restored pond.











The existing ponds suffered from shading and leaf fall from the surrounding trees and this caused eutrophic conditions leading to a decline in aquatic and marginal plants within the ponds. One of the ponds was so shaded and silted that for much of the year it held no water at all. The pond restoration work at Walgrave Pocket Park focused on increasing the light levels and reducing the amount of leaf fall to the two ponds and remove the existing organic material (silt, leaf litter, and algal mats). This in turn will lead to an increase in aquatic and marginal plants, which will improve both the biodiversity value and the visual appeal of the pond. It will also dramatically improve the suitability of the pond for breeding amphibians


Walgrave Pocket Park Pond Restoration (1)

Panorama shot of the two ponds at Walgrave Pocket Park.


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