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River Nene

Ring’s End Nature Reserve

Thanks to our successful Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ application, in conjunction with Groundworks, extensive habitat work started in January 2017 at the beautiful Ring’s End Local Nature Reserve. The work, in consultation with Cambridgeshire County Council’s Phil Clark and the Ring’s End friends of group, has seen the area transformed dramatically with numerous pond creations, restorations and habitat improvements undertaken.

Rings End1

The Friends of Rings End Nature Reserve group, with additional volunteers on the day, helped Froglife at the beginning of the month on an organised volunteer session. Scrub and brash were processed and habitat piles created for wildlife. Invasive willow was removed from the pond edge and will be used to dead hedge areas of the reserve. A massive thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out on the day.

Rings End 2

In the following weeks an excavator worked carefully, restoring two ponds by deepening them and removing the sediment and silt. Four new ponds were then created in various sizes and depths to appeal to a wide range of wildlife. Some scrapes and channels were also dug to encourage birds and water voles. The bare soil will soon be covered with vegetation and will be aided by a natural, locally sourced seed mix.

Rings End 3

Heavily reeded wetlands now have large bodies of open water that will be perfect for a myriad of wildlife including newts, frogs, aquatic invertebrates and resident water voles. The funding also enables Froglife to deliver training events and public engagement activities to raise the profile of this well used and much loved site.

Rings End 4

Also as part of the Tesco Bags of Help award, in October 2017 Froglife installed two beautiful carved double benches at Ring’s End Local Nature Reserve! The frog looks out over the first pond which we restored earlier in the year, and the snake surveys the wider site from the top of the former railway embankment.