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River Nene

Stanground ‘Peterborough Road’ Pond

We undertook work on a historic pond in Stanground on behalf of Peterborough City Council that was in the latter stages of succession. This pond is just across the road from Stanground Academy, but was neglected and greatly in need of restoration. Due to the overabundance of willow trees the water levels were low and the pond filled with decaying leaf sediment. The pond was also overrun with reed and there was very little open water for amphibians. In January 2017 we started clearing brambles, nettles and overgrown vegetation to open up the site and make it more accessible.

Stanground pond 1

As the ground was extremely wet and soft, taking a large excavator in to de-silt the pond was a huge risk so a smaller lighter digger was used. The digger used wooden sleepers and track mats to edge out onto the swampy ground and used its bucket to remove the silt and reshape the pond. A lot of the willow that was removed was used to create wood piles perfect for amphibians and invertebrates.

Stanground pond 2

We expect the water quality to vastly improve now with the removal of the nutrient rich sediment and will be checking back in on the pond to see how it has developed.