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Dragon Tails

Photo 3 - Free to useAmphibians and reptiles, which include frogs, toads, newts, snakes, lizards and slow worms, are often overlooked in children’s television and negatively portrayed in children’s literature.  In addition, fears over health and safety relating to ponds and snakes can be over-inflated, leading children to know little of these species or be scared of them.

Our workshops with schools and youth groups aim to develop an interest and better understanding of Scottish amphibians and reptiles, their habitats, threats to their survival and what people can do to help. We also hope to promote health and well-being to children by giving them the confidence to explore outdoors and experience nature in the future.

Importantly we seek to engage those in remote areas of the country that are less likely to have the opportunity to be involved with wildlife conservation charities than children living in Scotland’s central belt. Dragon Tails workshops will be delivered to 50 primary schools and 70 youth groups, engaging 3,700 young people across Scotland throughout our 4.5 year project.