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Froglife receives a high volume of enquiries via email, phone calls and social media. Please note that due to limited capacity we cannot answer enquiries over the phone and callers will be asked to send us an email detailing their enquiry. This is the most efficient way that we can operate and enables us to answer far more enquiries. Before contacting us please do go through our FAQ section and see if you can find the answer there.

Froglife has analysed the email enquiries that it received during 2015/16. In total 1,113 emails were answered (as we have no specific staff dealing with these they are answered by core staff).  It was heartening to find that 96% of our enquirers wanted to do something to help our species. Frogs at 37% of all enquiries remain the most popular but this is also probably because more people are likely to see frogs than our other species.  Newts at 23% and toads at 14% were the next popular.

Of the habitat management enquiries that we received, 93% of these wanted to improve their habitats, unfortunately we did have 6% who wanted advice on how to remove their pond.  A total of 59% of our enquirers had concerns about proposed developments and the effect this will have on wildlife.

We get a lot of enquiries from people who want to introduce species into their gardens, often into newly created ponds, during this period 53% of enquiries were about introducing species, mainly frogspawn.  We strongly advise that people do not introduce species but instead wait and let nature do its work.  Scientific research has found that moving species around can result in the spread of diseases, something that is a major concern. In total 18% of our enquiries were to report a disease and/or mortality incident.

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