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Lizards: habitat

A lizard habitat is threatened, what can be done?

Quick answer
All UK reptiles are protected by law from deliberate killing/injury and must be considered before work starts.

Further information
Widespread lizards are protected against deliberate killing and injury, whilst Sand Lizards and their habitats have full legal protection. If any British reptiles are present on a development site, or a proposed development, then steps must be taken by the developers or planners to ensure individual animals will not be killed or injured. This often involves relocating the animals to another suitable habitat rather than stopping the work completely.

It is important to report any reptile sightings to your local Biological Records Centre so that consultants carrying out preliminary surveys are aware of their presence at the earliest opportunity.  You can also submit your sightings through our free Dragon Finder app.

If you suspect the law is being broken, contact your local Wildlife Crime Officer.

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