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Wildlife spotting and recording

Wildlife Spotting

Froglife has created a range of publications and an app to enable everyone to go out and get up close with amphibians and reptiles.

Why not take a walk down to your local green space, whether it’s your back garden or a nature reserve, and see what you can find?  Not only is it a fun and interesting thing to do, if you let us know about your sightings, you’re also helping plan future conservation work.

urban-tails-coverUrban Tails – a handy guide to where you can see amphibians and reptiles, and what you might see in different areas.  You can download the PDF for free here, or order a printed copy to be posted in our online shop here.







My Wild Life Guide – a family-friendly guide to fun activities in the great outdoors, packed with memories and stories from different generations. Includes tips for spotting reptiles, amphibians, birds, bugs, mammals and fish. You can download the free PDF here, or order a printed copy in our online shop here.







Recording your sightings


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Dragon Finder App – our free app for Android and iPhone, with a mobile website version for other devices. Identify amphibians and reptiles in the field and record what you see by letting us know about your sightings whilst you’re out and about.









Amphibian coverAdditional copies of the paper survey forms featured in our ‘Surveying for amphibians’ and ‘Surveying for reptiles’ booklets can be downloaded here: Amphibian survey form, Reptile survey form. Completed survey forms should be returned to: Froglife, 1 Loxley, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 5BW






To record your Toads on Roads findings and feed back into our national monitoring scheme you need to download this data form and email the completed form with the site name and ID for your registered amphibian crossing to at the end of the migration season.



dead frog. Photo by Dee WilkinsonDead or diseased amphibians and reptiles? Register and report them on the new Garden Wildlife Health website and find out more about the project and our involvement here.



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