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Hampton Nature Reserve

Hampton Nature Reserve (also called Orton Pit) is a three hundred acre site on the edge of Peterborough and is home to Europe’s largest population of Great Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus), estimated at over 30,000 individuals. The area is a former clay extraction site for brick production which has left a legacy of over 400 ponds and an amazing array of species, both aquatic and terrestrial. The site is legally protected as SAC, SSSI and Natura 2000 site.

Froglife is proud to manage the Reserve on behalf of the landowners Value Nature, part of the O&H Hampton group.

Working closely with O&H and the Heritage Lottery Fund, Froglife has helped develop Hampton Nature Reserve into a successful case-study of how multi-discipline partners can work together in the conservation of amphibians, reptiles and their habitats.

Froglife have been carrying out several projects at this site recently, most importantly the Pond restoration project funded by Natural England aimed to restore late succession ponds back  and therefore to give a good chance to one of the rarest plant species in the UK, the Bearded Stonewort (Chara canescens). In addition, Froglife have been carrying out the long term condition monitoring surveys for Great Crested Newts which take place every five years.

The site is not open to the public but you can become involved in volunteering to help maintain the site or enjoy a visit through one of our organised events.

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