What we do

Inspiring people

Amphibians and reptiles are charismatic emblems of life on earth. They have the ability to inspire and engage audiences that are new to wildlife conservation, and they provide accessible examples of many key curriculum concepts for more formal learning.

We want all audiences to appreciate and learn more about amphibians and reptiles, and how to conserve them. This means that our education team works closely with a range of education providers, including traditional providers like secondary and primary schools and academic institutions, alongside more non-traditional education providers, such as through community group leaders, special schools and non-wildlife sector organisations.

Our educational projects meet three objectives:

Learning objective 1. We will support people on a life-long journey of learning about our species, their habitats, and the value of biodiversity to human life.

Learning objective 2. We will create new and unique approaches that complement current approaches to conservation education, building on lessons learnt within the sector.

Learning objective 3. We will monitor and evaluate our actions, evaluating the success of our projects in helping our target audiences learn. By publishing and presenting our findings, experiences and lessons learned we will help the environmental education sector grow.

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