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Just Add Water

Just Add Water is a national campaign to encourage the public to dig wildlife ponds, especially in urban environments. In some areas this can counteract the enormous loss of countryside ponds in recent years, and help local frogs, newts and other wildlife flourish.

One third of ponds are thought to have disappeared in the last fifty years or so and of those that remain more than 80% are thought to be in ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ condition*. This has had an enormous impact on wildlife, particularly amphibians. Your efforts locally can make a big difference.

The Just Add Water handbook includes information on:

  • Digging your pond: Everything you need to know about size, shape, pond liners and plants.
  • Maintaining your pond: Tips on when to do what and how to make sure you pond is safe.
  • Enhancing your pond: Ideas for improving the rest of your garden for amphibians and reptiles.
  • Enjoying your pond: Some of the benefits of having your own wildlife pond, or enjoying someone else’s!

If you would like to get your hands on a Just Add Water booklet please download our Just Add Water PDF (please be patient as this link can be slow to download) or click to view online here:

*The Ponds Report 2010 (based on a 2007 study) is available to download from the Countryside Survey website.

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