What we do


Froglife aims to research and identify best practice when it comes to managing habitats, in particular for amphibians and reptiles.

Recent research projects:


Monitoring a supra-abundant newt population using occupancy modelling

This 5 year Natural England funded project is looking at identifying the most robust and cost effective methodology for estimating newt abundance at the whole reserve level using modern statistical methods and further, to use those results in order to calculate long term trends of the newt population at this site. In summer 2015 we will present the first set of results.

Ponds in the Landscape

This three year project allowed Froglife to work with other conservation organisations and public and private landowners to help halt the decline of standing water habitats in Cambridgeshire by 2011.

Second Life for Ponds

In 2008 Froglife began researching best-practice management for Bearded Stonewort Chara canescens, a protected species. Our research is investigating the effectiveness of a number of pond creation techniques, looking at a range of key indicator species, particularly stoneworts. These pond creation techniques include mechanical clearance, partial clearance, manual clearance and creating new ponds.

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