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Second Life for Ponds

Funded by the SITA Trust’s Enriching Nature Programme, this project took place on Hampton Nature Reserve, a site managed by Froglife on behalf of O&H Hampton Ltd.

This three hundred acre site with over 320 ponds is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (cSAC). The ultimate goal of this project was to inform and contribute to the implementation of the National Pond Habitat Action Plan (HAP) as Local Pond and Standing Water HAPs in England.

This project delivered against three specific objectives:

(a)  To evaluate different techniques of pond restoration through  comparing their effectiveness and any side effects for non-target fauna and flora

(b)  To restore selected ponds using the most suitable techniques

(c)  To effectively disseminate the results and encourage land managers to use proved techniques on their sites

The project had elements of both research and practical implementation of the knowledge gained through the research. It focussed on testing different pond restoration techniques through the systematic assessment of their (a) effectiveness on the selected indicative species, (b) impact on non-target species and water/substrate quality and (c) economic and social sustainability of each technique.

The project compared the effectiveness of restoring ponds with the help of volunteers compared to mechanical restoration using heavy machinery.

The results of this study have wider scale benefits and can be replicated by land managers and local authorities.

We have created a full report detailing the findings and recommendations of Second Life for Ponds:

Second Life For Ponds Factsheet

Second Life For Ponds Executive Summary

second life for ponds report cover

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