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Support Toads on Roads: Tuppence a Toad

Every year we support hard working volunteers who save thousands of Common Toads from death or injury on our roads.

Froglife offers insurance to Toad Patrol volunteers, matches new volunteers with local patrols, gives advice and support, manages the database of toad crossing sites and administrates the data coming back from the volunteers.

Toads on Roads is a crucial part of what we do, however, it is one of our most under-funded projects.

TheĀ Tuppence a Toad appeal will enable us to continue supporting our hard working volunteers, carry out further research using the data collected and deliver practical conservation projects to help protect important toad sites.

Our thinking was, if we could raise tuppence for every toad we save, we could do so much more through this project to help these amazing amphibians.

There are a number of different ways you can help support Toads on Roads through this appeal, and help us save even more toads:

toad and tuppences
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