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Toads on Roads

Common Toads are very particular about where they breed and often migrate back to their ancestral breeding ponds each year. They follow the same route, regardless of what gets in their way, which sometimes leads to them crossing roads. Where we get this toad vs. traffic scenario, the toads inevitably come off worse.

The Toads on Roads project registers these sites as ‘migratory crossings’ and helps coordinate local Toad Patrols. Patrols can apply to their local council for road warning signs to be installed and actively help the toads across the road. The Toads on Roads project has been running for over twenty years and we know of numerous crossings nationwide.

You can help toads and other amphibians migrate by forming a Toad Patrol for a site near you or by joining an existing Patrol.

This project currently receives no funding.  If you would like to help support this important work you can do so my donating or becoming a corporate sponsor.

Latest News from Toads on Roads

We give regular updates from the Toads on Roads project, and link in with other organisations working across the world.  In the Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Froglife’s magazine Natterchat, Toad Talk featured news from a project in Hungary.  As well as protecting toads from roads, Norbert Florian and his colleagues are running a frog and toad education programme, engaging young people in volunteering action with incredibly positive results.  Norbert is based at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Horticultural Science.  You can read Natterchat online here.

Through Froglife’s work as part of the European Network for the Protection of Amphibians and Reptiles from Transport Systems (ENPARTS), we have been discussing and collaborating with a number of partners working on Toads on Roads.  At the inaugural meeting, representatives from 12 countries shared their experiences of different ways of protecting migrating amphibians.  You can find out more about ENPARTS here.

This area of the website is under development, with maps and other tools being built to come online soon.  Do check back regularly to find out more about this amazing project and what you can do to help.

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