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Register a toad crossing

Common Toads by Laura Brady and Sivi Sivanesan

Photographs by Laura Brady and Sivi Sivanesan

If you know of a site near you that doesn’t appear on our map, please register the site. Froglife holds the Department for Transport database of amphibian migratory crossings and only sites on this are eligible for road warning signs. These signs are displayed between January and April and warn motorists about the toads – this gives the toads a better chance of reaching the other side even if there are no Patrollers around to help them.

How do I register a toad crossing?

Crossings are registered with us; depending on the level of data supplied, they may be fully registered, or we’ll get back to you with more questions.

By registering a toad crossing with us you become eligible to apply for road warning signs to be installed. Also, by joining a network of Toad Patrollers, we can help you recruit volunteers, provide health and safety information and keep you informed about what other Patrols are up to. We also put the data you collect to good use.

Why should the site be registered?

Registration is the only way to get official road signs installed by your local authority; you’re not supposed to display home-made signs without permission. The road signs are important for warning traffic and therefore giving the toads a better chance of reaching the other side, especially if there are no Patrollers around to help them. Once the site is registered on the Department for Transport database we will send you a letter which can be used as evidence of the registration for the local authority’s highways department. Hopefully the local authority will be able to supply and install the signs, though sometimes there are issues with funding. The signs can only be displayed between January and April so Patrols should make sure they keep in touch with the relevant people to ensure the signs are only on show during this period; if the ‘flap’ style signs are used then someone in the Patrol may be asked to open and close them each year. Signs on display all year round have much less effect, as for most of the year they are meaningless and people don’t take notice when they are relevant.

What information will I need to supply?

To register the site we will need to know the road name and ideally a grid reference and a postcode, plus a brief description of the site itself, including the length of road the toads are using. It’s important you let us know how many toads, and other amphibians, you see so we can determine the size of the population; unfortunately small populations may not warrant registration. Finally, we need your contact details – that way we can post/email you the registration letter and keep in touch with updates and newsletters; your details will not be displayed on the website and will only be passed on to potential volunteers with your permission.

Where possible, we would ask you to use the electronic form to help reduce paper waste. Please use the word or pdf version of the registration form, complete and then scan/photograph the form and email it back to

If you do not have access to the website, you can request a paper form from Froglife.  Please contact 01733 602102.

Filling in the Form

Before you start, you will need:

1. The crossing location including road name and grid reference

2. details of the approximate number observed using the site or the estimated number over the whole of the migration season.

3. contact details that you are happy to be contacted on, in the event that we need to know more information or where you would like to become a patrol manager for the site.

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