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What you can do

Sponsor a project

We have a great range of projects doing really exciting, practical and inspirational things all over the UK.  Your support can help ensure that these projects are even more successful.  Many of these projects just require co-funding, meaning that a small donation can contribute to a really big impact.

There are lots of different things that you can do to help – please get in touch with Kathy if you are interested on 01733 602102 or and have a look at the list below for ideas:



Project What we’re   planning to do How you can help
London   Dragon Finder This   project is currently transforming habitats all over London and running   special educational events Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we need co-funding to sponsor ponds and other   habitats, run events and promote our new app
Toads on   Roads This   project has been running for over 20 years, and we support a network of   volunteers rescue thousands of Common Toads from roads every spring We have had very little funding for this project, but aim to keep it going through   small grants and donations.  Sponsorship can help us improve our IT to make coordination of volunteer action smoother, enable us to get out and visit more groups on the ground and provide materials and other support for hard working Toad Patrollers
Green Pathways Our   Children in Need funded project provides outdoor opportunities for vulnerable   teenagers Rebecca Neal runs this fun and inclusive project, and really needs materials for art   sessions, pond creation, habitat improvement, transport for young people and   all sorts of other useful things
Froglife   Active Conservation Team Our work   with young offenders is on a contract with Peterborough City Council, and we   take these often vulnerable young people to sites across the city to help   with conservation work The contract covers our office costs, but Ross Edgar who runs the project is always on the lookout for tools, plants, bulbs, seeds, paint, wood and other   materials.  These are used for projects on our wildlife friendly allotment, community green spaces and school grounds
Garden Wildlife Health This   important project gathers data from the public about dead or dying creatures   in gardens.  We act as a liaison   between them and the Institute of Zoology to arrange analysis and research   into threats to native wildlife Our team are incredibly busy time in spring and summer, juggling Toads on Roads and handling calls about diseased and dead amphibians and reptiles.  With your help we could do even more to help people at home get involved in saving their local wildlife.
Froglife’s   Publications We have a   twice-yearly newsletter and a range of colourful and informative booklets to   help raise awareness about amphibians and reptiles.  We want to keep printing and distributing   these to inspire as many people as possible You can   advertise in our magazine, or even sponsor a whole edition.  You can also sponsor print runs of booklets such as Just Add Water and Urban Tails to help us get the message out about how we can all help amphibians and reptiles
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