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What you can do


There are lots of different ways you could give your time to help us in our mission to protect amphibians and reptiles! We aim to make volunteering with us as fun and rewarding as possible, so that you get as much out of it as the wildlife you are helping.

You don’t always need knowledge or experience to get started, and we can often tailor volunteering posts around your needs and interests whether it be practical work digging ponds, helping our education team on a session or using your IT skills to help improve our web presence.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Dragon Finder

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Join our teams in London, River Nene and Scotland to help with habitat work and events.  Contact the relevant project manager for more information:

London –

River Nene –

Scotland –


Froglife Active Conservation Team

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Help Ross with practical work with young offenders.  Get in touch to find out more –


Green Pathways

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Help Gail in Peterborough and Louise in Glasgow, work on projects to help amphibians and reptiles with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.  Please get in touch to find out more – or


Hampton Nature Reserve

hampton nature reserve

Join our Hampton Nature Volunteers to help with surveying and habitat management.  Contact us to find out more –


Toads on Roads

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There are two main opportunities to help:

1.Help Froglife with this long standing national project, that seeks to alleviate the problem of amphibian migration routes and habitat fragmentation.

Find out more here.  Contact if you are interested in applying

2.Volunteer at your nearest registered patrol – use our map to find your nearest crossing and contact the group directly (if there is no registered patrollers on the site, your email will be sent to Froglife).

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