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What’s new

What’s new

slow-wormWe have already received our first sighting of frogspawn for 2017!

Soon we will be kept on the hop again with lots of enquiries through our enquiry service, last year we decided to do a bit of analysis of the enquiries we received during the year.  We found that 93% of all enquiries received were positive with people wanting to do something to help wildlife, which is obviously very reassuring; 73% of enquirers wanted pond management advice; probably not surprising the highest number of species enquiries at 37% was about frogs; toads fell way behind this at 14% but we are sure our Year of the Toad campaign will help to raise awareness of this iconic species and its very interesting, if sometimes dangerous lifestyle. 

Latest News:

  • Our London Dragon Finder Project Conference & Celebration event will be held on Friday 24th January at ZSL London Zoo. Book your free ticket HERE, and join us to celebrate the achievements of this flagship project. We will also have a talks on: Citizen Science by Becki Lawson, ZSL, The current conservation status of the common toad by our Patron, Jules Howard and the Impact of Nature on Human Happiness by Laurie Parker, The University of Cambridge.  Followed by a drinks reception.
  • To celebrate Scottish Environment Week our Scottish Dragon Finder team will be taking a drama group from the Dunblane Centre to perform at the Scottish Parliament. Our Species Champion MSP’s will be there to watch and show their support including our two new recruits, Mary Fee (common toad) and Mark Griffin (great crested newt).
  • It’s the time of year when toads start emerging from hibernation to begin their migrations back to their breeding ponds, why not see if you can help out at any Toad Patrols near you? Some patrols, like Ringwood & Poulner Toad Patrols, are recruiting volunteers and it’s a great way for you to make a difference!
  • We’d like to thank the following funders for awarding us grants this month: The Postcode Local Trust for a Leapfrog School project in Girton, Veolia Environmental Trust for habitat work on the London Dragon Finder project, and John Ellerman Foundation for our Head of Conservation.

Our revamped App is now available to download so that you can enter your sightings. Please download the App by following this link

common toad

Common Toad being saved by patrollers © Dave Kilbey

If you see dead amphibians or reptiles this year in your garden please register with the new Garden Wildlife Health Project and help increase our knowledge of wildlife diseases in Britain.

You can help support our work through the Save Our Dragons appeal and provide that vital bit of funding to make a difference to frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards.  As a small charity, we can make your donations go a long way, and you can be part of our mission to keep amphibians and reptiles flourishing in their beautiful wild homes.  Find out more about Save Our Dragons here.

Our latest Annual Review can be found here.  As you can see, we are a rapidly growing charity, with some wonderful projects funded mainly through grant making trusts.  With most funders covering 60-90% of the costs of a project and generally funding us in arrears (we have to spend the money first, then claim it back), we are still very much in need of your support to keep our work to help reptiles and amphibians going.

You can find the archive with all the Croaks from the last 3 years on this website here.

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