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Dragon Finder - Audio-Visual Living Atlas

Dragon Finder

Welcome to the Dragon Finder Audio-Visual Living Atlas!

Dragon Finder is Froglife‘s flagship project. It brings together practical conservation, surveying, data collection and interactive educational activities to help conserve reptiles and amphibians in the UK.

Froglife received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to run London Dragon Finder which began in October 2012 and finished in March 2017.  Scottish Dragon Finder started in January 2014, running for four and a half years until its close in June 2018 and River Nene Dragon Finder started in January 2015 and also ran for four and a half years until May 2019, both funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Follow the links to find out more about Dragon Finder, see what’s going on in your area and find out how you can become a Dragon Finder!

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