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Dragon Finder


Find a Dragon Day near you!

Dragon Days

260713ddoctopusdscn2561Dragon Finder has held 65 ‘Dragon Days’ over the past four and a half years. These Dragon Days engaged with over 6,900 people across London.

These one day events are a chance for people to come along and experience a little bit of everything that the Dragon Finder project has to offer. The days offer the chance for people to try their hand at some practical conservation work, listen to educational talks, make amphibian and reptile themed crafts, do a spot of pond dipping, or even take part in a reminiscence session. Froglife believes in putting people at the heart of our conservation efforts, so we always endeavour to make our Dragon Days family-friendly and suitable for people of all levels of experience and ability. We think that Dragon Days are a great way to enthuse people, and especially children with the amazing and often unexpected wildlife that can be found in London.

We’ve held Dragon Days all over the city, either at sites where we have completed habitat conservation work, or with larger organisations such as ecology centres, museums or nature reserves. We also invite other wildlife charities and organisations to come along and run activities with us. Because of this, no two Dragon Days are ever the same, but the one thing they all share is putting wildlife conservation and appreciation – especially of amphibians and reptiles at their heart.


Recently we have held Dragon Days at:230313dd-froglife-12-55-38