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Dragon Finder


Mile End Leisure Centre

Our London Dragon Finder team joined forces with BETTER, at their Mile End Leisure Centre and Stadium, to deliver two sessions of ‘Swimming With Dragons’. The two one hour sessions were for the leisure centre’s Easter children’s school club. First session was for the under 8’s with 23 children taking part and the second for the over 8’s with 19 taking part.

These fun educational swimming sessions not only teach children about the lifecycle and habitat of frogs, newts and snakes, but also build up children’s’ water confidence, and help them to learn essential swimming skills. They had great fun learning about the lifecycle of frogs from how they react to different weather conditions, the tadpole relay race from spawn to froglet and avoiding being caught by a grass snake. One young participant enjoyed it so much she practically begged us to come back and do it all again the following day!


The Over 8’s finding safety on the Lily pads!

Big thanks to the leisure centre staff especially Danielle who helped organize the event, this was the third BETTER leisure centre that we have now worked with in Tower Hamlets.