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Wildlife WorkshopsDF_L_Wildlife_Workshops1

Allotments and gardens can be havens for wildlife, particularly
within towns and cities. Froglife has been working with growers and gardeners across the city, showing people how they can improve their gardens and plots for wildlife.

‘Wildlife workshops’ are an interactive workshop for allotment holders. The workshops offer in-depth discussion, tips and practical skills on how to make urban allotments attractive for all sorts of wildlife, especially amphibians and reptiles.

Allotments are an important habitat for wildlife, particularly in built-up, urban areas. Many allotments have been around for years – some for more than a century. For amphibians and reptiles allotment’s act as a ‘historical safe-house’ providing a constant habitat for these animals even when the landscape around them has changed.

The increasing fragmentation and degradation of habitat available for wildlife in London has led to a reduction in our Capital’s biodiversity. Allotments provide a much needed way for reptiles and amphibians and other wildlife to move around, and they also help to link up habitats. Some gardeners still regard attracting wildlife to their plot as undesirable, but in fact there are many benefits in doing so, for example reptiles and amphibians will devour many insect pests. And encouraging wildlife into your allotment also provides an opportunity to be close to nature, and to do your bit to conserve British wildlife.

In the ‘Wildlife workshops’ Froglife show people how to enhance the wildlife value of their plot by making simple but effective changes to its design and management. The workshops are held at allotment sites with allotment holders across London, and run from spring through to early autumn.

Some of the places we’ve held Wildlife Workshops at:

What do the sessions include?

  • An introduction to wildlife friendly gardening, with free help sheets to get you started.
  • Individual and group tasks to get you thinking about the steps you can take to improve your allotment for wildlife.
  • Q&A session and discussion – a chance to share your gardening triumphs, tribulations, successes and pitfalls.
  • A practical activity – toad abode, hibernacula, compost heap building.
  • The opportunity to learn some basic identification and surveying techniques for amphibians and reptiles.
  • Free refreshments!

We have held 40 successful Wildlife Workshops so far with 493 gardeners attending, taking with them lots of new tips and knowledge to attract more wildlife into their allotments!