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Dragon Finder

River Nene



The idea behind the Froglife River Nene Dragon Finder Mapestry was to create an impressive tapestry depicting the River Nene and its wildlife, history and culture. The tapestry gathered local people’s memories and impressions of the area and highlighted the difference between parts of the river. The Mapestry was a new project for Froglife that successfully achieved its aim of bringing people together to represent different areas along the River Nene.




There was a variety of art workshops held in different locations along the Nene each month in 2015, where local people put their own stamp on the project and represented their area and wildlife. The finished Mapestry is made up of 12 separate sections, each one depicting a different area and changing season. The workshops were be run by Liliane Taylor, a professional textile artist, and now that it’s complete it will go on tour around venues along the Nene Valley.

See the completed panels and where they have been showcased here: Mapestry Tour