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Dragon Finder

River Nene

2016 Sites

Cross Guns Pumping Station

Start Date: March 2016


Ferry Meadows Country Park 

Start Date: May 2016

Activities: Installation of planted coir pallets along lake margin

Volunteer Opportunities: Site maintenance / Amphibian surveys / Reptile Surveys


Nene Valley Railway Yarwell Station

Start Date: May 2016


Thorpe Meadows

Start Date: June 2016

Activities: Creation of two lined ponds, four unlined ponds and a wetland scrape. Restoration of a ditch

Volunteer Opportunities: Pond maintenance / Amphibian surveys / Reptile Surveys / Pond Lining


King’s Dyke

Start date: October 2016

Activities: Creation of 13 new ponds, retoration of one pond and a ditch. Hibernacula creation

Volunteer Opportunities: Amphibian surveys / Reptile surveys


Itter Park

Start date: October 2016

Activities: Restoration of two vandalised ponds, upgrading from butyl liner to bentonite clay liner and reshaping the steep sides to make the ponds more wildlife friendly

Volunteer Opportunities: Pond restoration / Pond lining / Pond maintenance / Amphibian surveys


For more information on how to get involved please contact us.