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Dragon Finder

River Nene

Swimming with Dragons

Exciting pool sessions designed to help kids increase their confidence in the water whilst having great fun being active and learning more about amphibians and reptiles!

These sessions ran for between 30 mins and 1 hour and were packed full of fun games using fantastic floating props designed to help children imagine what it’s like to be an amphibian or reptile living in the U.K. The sessions also covered key National Curriculum science topics of food chains, lifecycles and habitats.

During Swimming with Dragons participants could be a newt finding food or a frog avoiding predators.  During the project 21 events were organised with 467 eager swimmers taking part.

The River Nene Dragon Finder team transformed swimming pools in various places along the River Nene using giant lilypad, snake and tadpole floats. People were asked to come along to a session and experience what it’s like to live in a pond.

Suitable for school groups, kids clubs and family groups of up to 30 people these sessions were enjoyed by all!