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River Nene

Wildlife Workshops


Wildlife Workshops were one of the real success stories of the project with an astonishing 106 workshops being delivered to 2023 eager wildlife enthusiasts.  The audience were engaged and shown how to make your garden or allotment more wildlife-friendly and taught how to identify some of the amphibians and reptiles that they might find in their green space.

The workshops suitable for both adults and children lasted between 1-2 hours and were delivered to ages as young as 4 years of age and as old as 96 years old.


What did the sessions include?

  • An introduction to wildlife friendly gardening
  • Group tasks to get the audience thinking about the steps they could take to improve their green space for wildlife
  • The opportunity to learn some basic identification and surveying techniques for amphibians and reptiles
  • A take-home pack with handy leaflets and information designed to help take simple steps to improve your plot for wildlife at home
  • Depending on the venue, may have also included practical tasks such as: making a bug hotel or pond dipping