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Dragon Finder


School workshops

Our Dragon Tails school sessions had a citizen science focus and were composed of a variety of activities like interactive storytelling and identifying species using technology, all of which tied into the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, providing skills in science, maths, language and art.

Final year:

Our final school session took place in January 2018 at Wormit Primary School in Fife. The Dragon Tails activity has now engaged over 1,600 school pupils at 51 schools over 19 council areas.  Children learnt about the importance of amphibian and reptile conservation and factors affecting them such as loss of habitat.  We have really enjoyed visiting schools across Scotland since 2014 which have varied from indoor / outdoor sessions and we’ve received great feedback from teachers and pupils alike. 

Year 4:

Dragon Tails in 2017 was completed with school sessions undertaken in:

  • Stirling
  • City of Edinburgh
  • Highlands
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Angus
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • East Dunbartonshire
  • Falkirk
  • Clackmannanshire
  • Perth and Kinross
  • Glasgow City 
  • Fife

We ran 19 sessions in 2017 engaging over 600 children!


Morebattle Primary School presenting species facts

Tighnabruaich Primary School pond dipping, Argyll and Bute













Year 3: Year 3 of Dragon Tails saw the Scottish Dragon Finder team evolve their school sessions to offer a more interactive learning experience for the children involved. Children joined together in team activities to learn much about our amphibians and reptiles including identification and the dangers these species face. They were asked to present their knowledge and share why they think we should care about our frogs, toads and newts.

Sessions were completed in 2016, with currently 8 great sessions undertaken at schools in 5 different council areas!




Pupils from Crosshouse Primary School, East Kilbride


Pupils from Craigellachie Primary, Moray share their new knowledge of amphibians with the class










Years 1 and 2:

Scottish Dragon Finder has had a great first two years for their Dragon Tails school sessions, visiting 23 schools across Scotland and covering 9 different council areas.


The children have enjoyed hearing all about Scotland’s native reptiles and amphibians in our interactive Dragon Tails presentation before becoming biologists for the day with our reptile and amphibian counting game. They have also been introduced to ‘species recording’ using the Dragon Finder App. Froglife then taught the children how to make an origami frog or reptile and amphibian headdress – see the great examples below!


Swinton primary school, april 14 (9)

Session at Swinton Primary in the Scottish Borders

Brimmond PS april 14 (1)

Pupils wearing amphibian headdresses at Brimmond Primary in Aberdeen City












Dragon Tails presentation at Northmuir Primary, Angus


Becoming a biologist with our reptile and amphibian counting game














Origami frog making at Isla Primary, Angus


An impressive drawing of a sand lizard at Methilhill Primary, Fife