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Dragon Finder


Script writing competition

The deadline for our Scotland-wide script writing competition was on International Save the Frogs Days on the 25th of April 2015. After reading all the great entries are we are excited to announce 3 winners who will all win an Andriod tablet with our Dragon Finder App installed, personalised trophies and goodie bags.

  1. P4C of Sciennes Primary School – Frog Run
  2. Arran Youth Foundations – Snakes on a Boat
  3. Rosie and Robbie Barclay, Pippin Vervaeke, Lily Beveridge and Riona McClure – Pond Pandemonium

We have selected P4C of Sciennes Primary School as the overall winner for their excellent script about Fred the frog’s struggle to find a new home after his habitat is destroyed by humans. This script has a great conservation message and is very creative at the same time, because of this we have chosen this play to teach in future educational Froglife Dragon Tails workshops.

Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to everyone who entered!