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Dragon Finder


Practical Conservation

The Scottish Dragon Finder Project created and restored amphibian and reptile habitats across Scotland. With the expansion of cities, loss of greenspace and intensification of farming, homes for our amphibians and reptiles can become scarce. However, with the correct management, our wildlife can still thrive in urban conditions and rural areas can have their potential to support native amphibians and reptiles realised. Froglife had a wide range of previous experience of creating excellent habitats, with enthusiastic support from our local partners and volunteers, during our Living Water Projects in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

alyth vol day july 14 (3)The Scottish Dragon Finder Project created or restored 70 sites in Scotland providing a minimum of 12 hectares across 14 of Scotland’s local authority areas. This includes pond creation, pond restoration and creation of terrestrial habitats and we have had some great help from volunteers across Scotland to achieve this task.  Volunteers have also learnt many habitat management techniques and gained insights to amphibian and reptile survey and identification methods.

Example volunteer practical tasks:

  • Habitat creation and restoration.  This may involve digging, planting / seeding, clearing debris / vegetation and building hibernacula – cosy homes for amphibians and reptiles!
  • Surveying for amphibians and reptiles.
  • Site maintenance – clearing litter, managing overgrown vegetation or monitoring water levels as needed.

All of Scottish Dragon Finder’s volunteer days are now complete, but if you’d like to find out more about volunteering with Froglife in Scotland please contact us. 

You can find out about the final suite of habitat sites in 2017/18 here or see some of our previous sites from 2016, 2015 and 2014!

Froglife Training Package

Froglife also offer paid training courses if you are looking for something different. Courses are run from set locations in London, Peterborough and Glasgow, where staff have excellent facilities and knowledge of sites where you can see animals and explore their habitats. Click here to find out more.