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Riverside Nature Park

Riverside Nature Park

Riverside Nature Park, Dundee

Funding: Angus Environmental Trust and Heritage Lottery Fund

We were awarded a Scottish Landfill Communities Fund grant from the Angus Environmental Trust totaling £10,903 to install ponds at Riverside Nature Park. This site, located just outside Dundee, was converted from a landfill site into a nature reserve 10 years ago. The site supports a range of wildlife despite it being relatively new, including nesting skylarks, snipe and frogs. There was little standing water within the nature park, other than a large natural pool which is not publicly accessible and is frequently disturbed by Highland Cattle, and a shallow, ephemeral wetland area that is unlikely to support a good amphibian population.  In October 2017 we constructed two raised ponds close to a picnic area within the nature park.  One of these included a dipping platform to enhance the educational resource of the pond.  These ponds will need to fill with rainwater over winter but we are excited to see them develop for Spring 2018!

A volunteer day to plant the ponds was held in April 2018 and they are now establishing with a range of native species.  Many thanks to ‘Plants for Ponds’ for donating several species to help out!

Froglife made a short video of the creation works at Riverside Nature Park which you can see below…..




Pond 1 – liner now covered

Pond 1 was built with soil, lined and soil was replaced on top to look more natural









Pond 2 now finished with dipping platform installed

Pond 2 with liner and geotextile overlay










Pond 1 in April 2018

Pond 2 in April 2018