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Dragon Finder


Species Recording

Tell us what you’ve seen using the Dragon Finder App!app_1-001[1]

In order for us to know more about our amphibian and reptile species and help conserve them, we need to know where they are.  Many species of amphibians and reptiles are under-recorded across Scotland and we need your help to tell us what you’ve seen and where.

Records will help to build up a distribution picture of amphibian and reptile species in Scotland and allow Froglife to target conservation measures in the future to areas that need it the most and monitor population levels.

So the next time you spot an amphibian or reptile in your local park, whilst out for a walk or in your garden please let us know – your records could help conserve a species!

If you have a smartphone please use the Froglife app to submit your records, alternatively you can email them directly to us.  For more information on wildlife spotting please click here.

Download the app:

df_l_species_rec_google_play df_l_species_rec_badge_appstore


Garden Wildlife Health Frog with cancer, Gisela Reid, Richmond June09

If you find any dead or sick amphibians, reptiles or other wildlife in your garden, report the sighting on the new Garden Wildlife Health (GWH) Website or through the Dragon Finder app.

GWH is a collaborative project between the Zoological Society of London, the British Trust for Ornithology,  Froglife and the RSPB. It aims to monitor the health of British Wildlife as well as identify disease threats.