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Dragon Finder



Froglife’s Scottish Dragon Finder Project launched in January 2014 and extended Froglife’s previous work in Scotland to cover the country as a whole!  Thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Fund the Scottish Dragon Finder Project operated for 4.5 years, finishing in June 2018, building on the strengths from Froglife Scotland’s previous work in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

Scottish Dragon Finder aimed to reach as many people as possible across Scotland with the events and activities planned which gave local people the chance to find out more about wildlife in Scotland and spread the word of amphibian and reptile conservation.

Irrespective of age, experience or background many people were involved with the events and activities undertaken during the project.

To see what the Scottish Dragon Finder Project has been up to over it’s duration please click on the links to the left under the Scotland header.

If you would like to get in touch with us please visit our contact page.