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Scottish Dragon Finder Team

Scottish Dragon Finder Team

Scotland is a special place full of beauty and home to some amazing amphibian and reptile species.  The Scottish Dragon Finder project is now underway and began in January 2014.  The Dragon Finder project aims to create new habitat for amphibians and reptiles, host interactive educational sessions and improve the data recording for amphibians and reptiles across many different areas of Scotland. Click here for more information on the Scottish Dragon Finder project.

We are also delighted to have expanded our Green Pathways Project to Glasgow in 2014.  This project works with disadvantaged young people to help them improve their confidence, social skills and positive behaviour as well as learning more about the environment, increasing their enjoyment of the outdoors and improving their conservation skills.

Previously Froglife ran the Living Water project in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire (Glasgow and North Lanarkshire Living Water) from 2009 – 2013.  The project succeeded in delivering the creation / restoration of pond habitats in a variety of habitats, engaging local communities about amphibian / reptile conservation and offering training / volunteering opportunities to local people.  The aims and objectives of the Living Water project can be found here.

There are six amphibian species and four reptile species that call Scotland their home:

Common ToadsAmphibians


These species all suffer from loss of habitat through drainage and development, degradation of habitat quality through neglect and pollution, spread of disease and the spread of non-native species among other factors in Scotland. You can find out more about amphibians and reptiles through Froglife’s Urban Tails booklet here Scottish Urban Tails.

Our work in Scotland was awarded the ‘highly commended’ award for Rebuilding Biodiversity in 2012 from Biffa Awards. Froglife is also a member of the Scottish Environment LINK

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