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What you can do

Legacies, in memory & celebrations

Leaving a legacy to charity is an incredibly valuable way to make a lasting difference to a cause you love and support.

By leaving a legacy to Froglife you can directly influence our capacity to act, helping us ensure the UK’s amphibians and reptiles survive for future generations to love and enjoy. Even a small amount can make a significant difference to our work.

It is entirely your decision if you would like to tell Froglife that you have left us a legacy in your Will. We do encourage people to inform us of their legacy decision, so that we can continue to inform you of our work and projects. However, we respect and appreciate that often supporters may want to keep the nature of their Will confidential.

Download a leaflet containing all the information and wordings: Leaving a Legacy.

We also receive money in memory of a loved one. We are able to allocate this money to create or restore something special in memory of your loved one. We have created and restored wildlife ponds in public green spaces and installed benches, interpretation boards and wildlife homes as an in memorial.  We are happy to include a donated plaque.


If you have any questions and would like to speak to someone, in confidence, please contact Kathy Wormald on 01733 602102 or


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