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Understanding wildlife disease

Amphibian and Reptile Health and Disease

There is growing concern surrounding the threats posed by infectious disease to wildlife.  A great deal of research is being done to discover more about the different problems amphibians and reptiles face in order to understand what can be done to help them.

Froglife has been working on the issue of amphibian disease in the UK for over 25 years and we are excited to be working with a number of partners on projects mapping and researching wildlife disease.

The Garden Wildlife Health Project

We are part of a new project to analyse specimens of both amphibians and reptiles.   This citizen science project asks people to report amphibians, reptiles, hedgehogs and birds that have died, been killed, or appear diseased.  Take part in the  Garden Wildlife Health project:

  • If you find any dead amphibians or reptiles (and hedgehogs and birds), even if they appear to have died naturally.
  • If you see any of the above animals that appear to be unwell and suffering from disease.
  • Animals that have been predated on by other creatures (such as cats) or persecuted (deliberately killed by people) may also have been suffering from disease, so all specimens are of interest.
  • This project is not just for garden wildlife – if you find dead or diseased animals while out and about in parks and nature reserves, please report them to the project as well.

Follow the links to find out more about our work, the threats to our native species and how you can be part of this crucial ongoing research.

Find out more about amphibian diseases:

What you can do:

Do you have concerns about other amphibian and reptile species?  Check our FAQs for advice here.

Do you want to report dead or diseased amphibians or reptiles?  Join the Garden Wildlife Health project to let us know what you’ve seen, and arrange submission of specimens to the Institute of Zoology for post mortem.

Got healthy wildlife? We still want to hear about it! Use the Dragon Finder app


Photo: Dee Wilkinson

dead frog. Photo by Dee Wilkinson
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